About Us

Z.A.N. International Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 13th September, 1992 under the Companies Ordinance of 1984. The registered office of the company is situated at 22-K/5 Model Town, Lahore. The is situated in Tehsil Pasrur, District Sialkot. The major business activity is production of high quality rice, seed of wheat, paddy and other major crops.

Under the present economic condition our industry is going through hardships. Every organization plays an important role in which they can maximize their efforts in business activity. In ours, we can produce a high grade quality rice, seeds of paddy and wheat.

In improving the quality and agriculture yield, the use of quality seed is extremely important. Keeping in view, the need for better agricultural practice is emphasized by our organization, producing pure and high quality rice and wheat, meeting the local and international demands.

Government encourages the private sector/farmers to use high quality of certified seeds which will ultimately result in high quality harvest. Therefore, from a farmers perspective we believe in sowing certified paddy or wheat on our own land and give certified seeds to other farmers for seed propagation or for use in Rice Milling,creating an excellent standard for which we will be known in international market.